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Your loyalty rewarded - Bigwicks reward program explained.Your loyalty rewarded - Bigwicks reward program explained.


What are Loyalty Wicks?

When you shop with us you will earn 'wicks' on all your purchases. These Loyalty Wicks can then be used to save money on your future purchases.

How can I earn Loyalty Wicks?

For every £1.00 you spend you earn 5 'wicks' and there are always lots of promotions to help you accumulate even more. Points are added to your account on completion of a qualifying purchase, and are then available for use on your next order.
Note: Loyalty points are not earnt on shipping charges.

How much are they worth?

100 Loyalty Wicks has a monetary value of £1.00
So for every £10.00 you spend in our store you receive another 50p to spend in the future.
Spend £10.00 and you will get 50 points, spend £20.00 and you will get 100 points and so on.

How do I use my Loyalty Wicks?

Shop online as normal and at the checkout simply select “Spend your Points” and use the slider to select how many Loyalty Wicks you would like to use up.
The shopping cart automatically updates the totals.
There is no limit on how many wicks you can spend on a single transaction. Spend a few, or spend them's up to you.

How do I check my Loyalty Wicks?

You can do this when you are logged in to your account.
On your account dashboard, select 'My Wicks and Rewards' on the left side of the page.
Your current balance and transaction history is displayed.

What do I have to do to be part of this Loyalty scheme?

All you have to do is shop with us! You automatically start to earn wicks when you create an account and complete your 1st purchase.

Is there a “Use By” Date on my Loyalty Wicks?

Your Loyalty Wicks expire after 6 months, but don't worry, if you have not spent your Wicks we will email you before they expire.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Wicks are only awarded on the value of goods, not on shipping charges.
  2. Wicks are only awarded on completion of a qualifying purchase. (You will receive an email with a points balance when your order ships).
  3. If you delete your account, you will lose your Loyalty Wicks, and they will be irretrievable.
  4. Bigwicks reserve the right to stop issuing Loyalty Wicks at any time, but any earned Loyalty Wicks will remain on your account.
  5. Bigwicks reserves the right to deduct any points which are incorrectly allocated to your account.