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Yankee Candle - Just Go......

Just Go....! 4 exciting new fragrances from Yankee Candle Q2 Spring/Summer fragrance range. Available in Large, Medium and Small Jars, Tea Lights, Votive Candles and Wax Melts.

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Catalytic Fragrance Lamps

Fragrance your home with an elegant Catalytic Fragrance Lamp, that disperses scented alcohol using a heated stone attached to a cotton wick.

Introducing... Charming Scents Car Air Fresheners

Be ready for all your road trips right out of the box. This four-piece kit includes a bangle, refillable locket, Yankee Candle® logo charm and a fragranced ceramic refill in your choice of popular scents. .

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DCUK Ducks

DCUK are the original supplier of these eye-catching wooden gifts and they remain the best quality around due to our personal care right from the production process, to storage and delivery to you.

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